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Greetings, Blessings, and Love to all you beautiful souls out there. We first would like to extend our humble hands to thank you for visiting our website today. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to browse and engage with us.

Let us start off with an introduction. We are The Forts, Cynthia and Djuan, founders and creators of Benevolence Naturals LLC. Djuan and I first met when we were just teens. I was smitten, as was he. I knew we were going to spend our lives together. 18 years, one kid, four cats, and two bunnies later, here we are. Just as smitten and very much in love. It has been an unforgettable journey, full of laughter and love; pain and sorrow. A journey that has taken us down to the darkest depths only to awaken our souls together, as one, and uplift us to the righteous path of consciousness, love, spirituality, and health. Every breath that we breathe is dedicated to our Father and the greater good of mankind. The love we planted and nourished for years in our relationship; is the same unconditional love we have planted in our company.

This is what Benevolence Naturals is built on. That one simple, yet complex emotion, Love. Unconditional Love. It is the heartbeat of our company, the core of our divine nature. With love, we can do all things. It has given us the ability to create an ethical and sustainable skin care line, full of products that are responsibly sourced and conscientiously crafted. Our unique organic blends complement the skin, providing an abundance of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

We do not compromise nor do we cut corners when it comes to selecting our fine organic ingredients. We take pride in researching and analyzing reputable companies that resonate with our values, before working with them. We have chosen to be a fully transparent company. We want you to take comfort in knowing that you have purchased a superior product that is not only excellent for the environment but revitalizing for the soul. By supporting our movement, you are supporting a new emergence of dedication and love. The absolute loyalty needed to help heal the world.


Welcome to the Benevolence Family.

With Love and Blessings

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