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Our organic shea butter is completely unrefined and 100% Fair Trade. Rich, creamy, and ridiculously nutrient-dense; your skin will soak this butter up. It provides many vitamins and minerals to help heal and moisturize your largest organ. It is so important to be conscious and only put the best on your skin.


!!!Summertime Shipping!!!

The heat brings new challenges to our biodegradable packaging journey. Through vigorous testing our only option to continue shipping shea butter during the warm months is to use insulated bags and ice packs inside of our padded paper shipping bags. The bags that the ice packs are contained in are made of a plant derived biofilm that is biodegradable. We encourage you to please reuse the silver insulated bags for your lunch bag, extra protection for sandwiches in your cooler, storing ice packs to make them last longer, etc. We will send you an email with your tracking number as soon as your package ships. Please track your package and retrieve from your mailbox upon arrival. Do not let sit in hot mailbox. Thank you so much for you understanding. If you have any recommendations, please send us an email. Thank you family! 

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