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Muscle Restoration - Handmade Vegan Shea Butter

Muscle Restoration - Handmade Vegan Shea Butter

SKU: SH00017

This is a shea butter game changer. Lovingly crafted with organic herbs and oils, we’ve transformed our traditional shea butter into a minty powerhouse of nutrients that soothe sore, tired muscles. It helps to relieve discomfort associated with cramps, tightness, sprains, pulls, strains, stiffness, joint pain, etc. The crisp, intoxicating aroma encourages the release of tension and relief from stress-related muscle aches when used during massages. Glides smoothly and effortlessly on contact. Our Muscle Restoration was created to provide the many sufferers of muscle discomfort a natural, plant-based alternative to help bring some relief. Restore those muscles and get moving!

Shea Butter: Rich in fatty acids, and antioxidant vitamins A, E & F. It helps to heal acne and blemishes, skin inflammation, and dryness. Great for skin wounds, insect bites, and any skin irritations or infections. It restores the skin’s elasticity and minimizes stretch marks. Contains anti-aging properties and helps to correct dark spots. Shea butter promotes circulation and healthy skin cell growth, revealing flawless skin.

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